GF Piping Systems instructional courses to help you teach your customers and their installers essential knowledge for the welding of pipes and piping components, as well as an in-depth understanding of butt and electrofusion connections. With Specialized Education from GF Piping Systems, we help prevent damage before it occurs, with well-trained and qualified installers. 

hr Practical training

GF Piping Systems’ clearly designed and structured training courses ensure that participants of varying levels of experience receive the knowledge transfer required to maintain the highest installation standards and quality.

value-bar-icon-3 Learning on location

Our experts are at your side wherever you are and conduct practical training sessions in the various fusion and jointing methods on site. The training duration and program depends on the actual project and the system to be installed.

lupe Practice rooms

Practise makes perfect: Experience is one of the most decisive factors for the success of an application, and there is no substitution for it during the installation.

value-bar-icon-2 Certification

All participants that complete a GF training course receive accreditation as an official GF installer.

We offer our customers a modern and application-oriented training environment that considers all the specific requirements regarding the content and the structure of the training. Always focusing on practice and experience with our systems and solutions, we avoid simply delivering theoretical instructions and manuals, instead focusing on what is necessary regarding the correct and safe handling of our products, systems and solutions.

The most up-to-date installations and professionals:

Our purpose-built practice rooms feature an extensive array of high-quality equipment that includes everything required for you to gain experience and confidence in working with our products, systems and solutions. Additionally, the vast domain expertise of our training teams will be available to support you throughout all training courses and workshops.

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