Backflush, fine or slanted: GF Piping Systems offers a range of filters for all types of drinking water installations. The innovative mesh element filters out impurities from the liquid and retains them, resulting in pure, non-contaminated drinking water. All variants are easy to install, ensuring virtually uninterrupted operation. The use of hardwearing, high-quality parts minimizes maintenance.


GF Piping Systems’ filter range provides the most suitable solution for every drinking water installation.


From automatic backflushing to rinsing, filter removal and manual cleaning, GF Piping Systems filters can be maintained with minimum effort.


All parts are made from high-quality metal and plastic, resulting in a long-life filter element that can withstand high operating pressures with ease.


The filter is the first level of protection of the drinking water installation. Thanks to the innovative filter technology, no particles can impair the water circle.

Slanted Filter

The GF Piping Systems slanted filter range is made of extremely durable metal that can withstand high operating pressures. The integrated filter element protects drinking water installations from particles.

Fine Filter

GF Piping Systems fine filters are designed for drinking water installations in order to protect the piping system from particles.

Backflush Filter

Made of hardwearing plastic and metal parts, these filters have an innovative backwashing feature that cleans the filter element where the impurities are retained. This ensures efficient operation while keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Arnaud Andreolli

Product Manager

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