Fit for Service - Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

The first NDT with “pass or fail“ process for ecoFIT (PE) and PROGEF (PP) butt and electro fusion welds

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Using ultrasonic technology, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality control NDT for our butt fusion welds in ecoFIT, PROGEF and electrofusion for ELGEF. Key projects around the world rely on NDT technology to ensure highest safety and quality of the weld area in metal piping. Today, GF Piping Systems' approach to total quality management has resulted in the world’s first NDT Service with a pass or fail statement on the butt fusion and electrofusion weld of ecoFIT, PROGEF and ELGEF systems. Once passed we offer a 10 year weld warranty.

NDT - Scanning, Analysis, Certification and warranty
Working with our international partner, we are able to scan butt fusion welds with our customized ultrasonic sensors. We can test typically between 20-30 welds per day, saving money during the NDT test day.
Using the data obtained, we are able with our unique algorithm, coupled with our extensive testing and own highest quality standards to provide a pass or fail statement on the butt fusion weld.
Certification and warranty
To provide peace of mind to our customers, we will issue a “Fit for Service” statement for each weld. Ensuring the quality and expected life of the piping system, with a 10 year warranty.

Fit for Service

GF Piping Systems understands the challenges faced along the project cycle: From owners and engineering companies involved in specifications and design, to logistical solutions for on time installation of goods, to the safe commissioning and operation of the plant. Our NDT solution fulfill the same quality control standard you expect from any piping system but with the added value GF provides a pass / fail fusion weld statement.

We ensure your weld quality with our unique NDT solution with a pass/fail statement

Fit for Service NDT - We ensure your weld quality with our unique NDT solution with a pass/fail statement
  • Proven NDT process
  • Unique documented weld and pass / fail process
  • Higher number of tests per day vs existing solutions
  • No onsite health & safety risk compared to X-ray technology
  • Cost efficient compared to existing solutions

The right way to success

Our Total Plastics Solutions approach to projects ensures we are able to supply over 60 000 products comprising of pipes, fittings, valves, measurement & control, fusion welding machines, with engineering services and support.

GF Piping Systems NDT solution with "Fit for Service" for thermoplastics offers a first approach to quality management in thermoplastics. Using our ecoFIT and PROGEF systems, we can integrate into your design and specifications, offer your team GF Piping Systems recognized fusion weld training, to international standards.

  • Increase quality
    Pass / Fail “Fit for Service” weld report
  • Increase safety
    Expert assurance from 60+ years of thermoplastics experience
  • Save money
    Between 20-30 weld tests per day, increasing effi ciency and reducing site costs
  • Save time
    Increase of life expectancy of ecoFIT / PROGEF piping system
Fit for Service NDT - The right way to success

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