iJOINT - Compression fittings

The new line of compression fittings from GF Piping Systems has been specially developed for use in water systems, assuring a quicker and easier installation compared to a traditional compression fitting.

Focus on safety and ergonomic handling – real benefits for our customers

The lip sealing system makes this product both unique and long-lasting. Superb quality and innovative features predestine iJOINT for the drinking water market worldwide. iJOINT comprises all the benefits of plastics: no rust and no incrustation, lightweight construction, no leakage, excellent pressure resistance – just to name a few. To sum it up: iJOINT provides an excellent cost-benefit ratio with a life cycle of at least 50 years.


iJOINT Applications

The comprehensive iJOINT system is ideal for new installations as well as renovations or extensions of existing water lines

iJOINT is designed for use in house connections and service lines. This wide-ranging system lends itself to new installations as well as to renovation or extension work on existing water lines. iJOINT can be used for diverse applications and its design benefits a vast number of industries. In addition, iJOINT is the perfect solution for bypass systems, where temporarily laid lines need to be disassembled in a quick and easy way.

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iJOINT Benefits

iJOINT – the next generation of polypropylene compression fittings

iJOINT is the result of GF Piping Systems’ unrelenting commitment to continuous improvement and a culture based on innovation and ingenuity. The innovative design provides essential benefits like fast,  forgiving and effortfree installation methods in challenging trench and weather situations, ensuring maximum lifetime and high flow capacity for top performance in water applications. The iJOINT range contains straight and reducing joiners, tees, elbows, threaded connectors, end caps and metal transition adaptors ranging from d20 to d110 mm.

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Technical specifications

iJOINT Technical specifications

Conformity to all important standards and availability in a wide
range of diameters makes iJOINT your first choice

iJOINT compression fittings are suitable for use with all types of polyethylene pipes PE 80, PE 100, PEX and PVC-U with special transition kit. The fitting is ready to be installed out of the box without any preparation. The pipe can be inserted directly without loosening the nut or disassembling the fitting. There is a 16 bar resistance throughout the complete range of iJOINT fittings, with approvals according to the most stringent regulations worldwide. The special lip gasket grants a perfect performance even with ovalised, scratched and undersized pipes.

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