Hycleen - In 4 steps to optimal drinking water hygiene

Drinking water hygiene is important and affects both our well-being and our health. Thus drinking water installations in buildings must be carefully planned, built and operated. GF Piping Systems provides systems and products for large buildings like hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, sport facilities and apartment buildings.

Hycleen - In 4 Schritten zur  optimalen Trinkwasserhygiene

The integral water hygiene concept of GF Piping Systems comprises four areas: Prevention, monitoring, intervention and risk assessment. This approach to secure drinking water hygiene offers numerous advantages especially for existing properties because their given condition can be considered when restoring high-quality drinking water. As refurbishments are executed in stages, preventive measures can often be carried out only occasionally, thermal or chemical disinfection, on the other hand, are ideal in terms of intervention.

1 Prevention

Hycleen - Schritt 1: Prävention

New installation concepts & measures during use preventatively improve drinking water quality.

  • Drinking water systems with no dead legs
  • Hydraulic balancing
  • Drinking water exchange
  • Avoidance of limestone formation, corrosion and biofilm formation
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2 Monitoring

Hycleen - Step 2: Monitoring

Stagnation can lead to hazardous microbial contamination. Continous Monitoring ensures that drinking water hygiene remains at a high level.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Sampling of the bacteria count
  • Sampling of the pathogenic bacteria
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3 Intervention

Hycleen - Step 3: Intervention

If high microbe counts or pathogens are detected in the drinking water sample, this can usually be attributed to not following the preventative measures. Deploying interventions should be used only as a last resort to ensure high quality drinking water.

  • Thermal disinfection
  • Chemical disinfection
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4 Risk assessment

Hycleen - Step 4: Risik assessment

Changes in the use of buildings or adjustments made by water suppliers do require reassessment of measures from time to time. All relevant parameters are taken into account during a risk assessment.

  • Evaluation of drinking water quality based on various indicators
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Hycleen Des 30

The Hycleen Des 30 unit offers facility operators key advantages when disinfecting their drinking water installation systems. Many years of experience show that this unit also treats old installation materials with care and therefore proves to be ideal for existing properties.

  • Highly efficient disinfection solution against bacteria
  • Disinfectant approved to Drinking Water Ordinance §11
  • Smallest amounts are sufficient
  • Depot effect in the entire drinking water system
  • No development of resitence in microorganisms
  • Reduction of biofilms

  • No microbiological induced corrosion
  • Low application risk: easy handling
  • Low operation risk: no transport/no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • No limitation of service life of GF products
  • Environmental friendly
  • Cost-efficient

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Hycleen Des 30
Hycleen Des 30

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Hycleen Services

Hycleen Services

Our services expand the drinking water hygiene concept for you as a planner and operator

  1. Preventative flushes
  2. Legionella sampling, inspection, maintenance & service manual creation
  3. Intervention by chemical disinfection
  4. Independent risk assessment
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