GF Services - Get the best out of your installations

Not enough manpower? A difficult job ahead?
Doing it yourself is one way of coping with your work. But relying on the GF Services team is without any doubt the smartest and most reasonable solution for you.

GF Services helps you out in four domains:

1. Customizing & Prefabrication

About 25% of all projects deviates from standard solutions and needs a customized solution. Sometimes it is just solved with slightly adapted piping, but more and more projects demand tailor-made valves or customized measurement & control instruments.

The solution is simple: GF Services.

Our GF Services team analyses your problem and brainstorms together with you to come to a joint solution. This brainstorming is followed by a fast execution, possibily with the help of prefabraction, at the GF workshop or onsite with you.

Customizing & Prefabrication 1439 x 1095

2. On-site support & Commissioning

Fewer companies have maintenance technicians that can take care of commissioning. Reading through the manuals, installing and calibrating instruments; commissioning can be quite time-consuming. We have noticed that there is a growing demand for skilled technicians that can be sent on site for troubleshooting and commissioning of the instruments. For easy access to our GF Services, we are applying a competitive hourly rate for both calibration, commissioning and on-site support.


3. Maintenance & Repair

Preventive maintenance remains the best way of keeping your installation in the best shape. Nevertheless, fewer companies dispose of their own maintenance team of technicians. They can now choose to have GF Services do the maintenance for them. Furthermore, repair and certification of welding machines are part of these services. In most cases, maintenance and repair takes place at the GF Service Center, but it can also be done at your site.

Monitoring & Repair 1439x1095

4. Quality and Monitoring

Whether it is about the construction of new networks, or the repair and the extension of existing piping systems, the time pressure for these interventions is extremely high. Efficiency onsite is a must, without loosing sight of the quality of the execution.

GF helps you with quality and monitoring.

Our experience over the years has enabled us to develop smart solutions to ensure that you and your teams can work quickly and accurately.

One of these important solutions is the highly transparant and intuitive GF Track and Trace system, which makes it possible for you to scan, monitor, measure and even weld the complete installation and the components in a very quick and mobile way. In addition, we offer you an objective guarantee on all your welding work (butt fusion and electrofusion welds) in HD PE and in PP, thanks to the innovative NDT service by GF.


Monitoring & Quality 1439 x 1095

No service contract

GF Services offers you services on demand. This means you are not tied to a service contract or disclaimers.


Why would you choose GF Services?

The lack of skilled technicians is one reason. Apart from that, there are plenty of benefits that come with our services. You save time and money because the GF Services team disposes of valuable knowhow and experience. Therefore they work fast and result-oriented. You can also rest assured that you have taken in quality at your site.



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