Red Dot Award for Hycleen Automation System

27-Mar-2019 02:30

Companies and organizers have submitted 5500 products for the Red Dot Award 2019, which is one of the largest design competitions worldwide. GF Piping Systems has received one of the much coveted awards for the innovative Hycleen Automation System: The "Honorable Mention". The Red Dot jury awards this for a particularly successful aspect of creative work.


The well-conceived detailed solutions of the Hycleen Automation System convinced the 25-member jury. The innovative control system for automatic control, monitoring and logging of processes of drinking water installations is unique on the market. It ensures drinking water hygiene, increases comfort and reduces energy consumption. "We are very proud of the award", says Arnaud Andreolli, the responsible product manager. "Drinking water systems are rarely in the limelight. Therefore, the recognition of the innovative design by the prestigious jury is all the more important."

The Hycleen Automation System supports operators of larger buildings such as hotels, residential estates, hospitals or homes in keeping water temperatures under control to ensure a regular exchange of water and to minimize the proliferation of germs. This makes a few less components possible, which can be integrated into existing or new drinking water systems. This includes valves with sensors and controllers for automatic hydraulic adjustment, regular flushing and temperature measurement. These are connected to the central control device, the master, via a cable for the simultaneous power supply and data transmission, which permanently monitors the sensors, signals possible discrepancies and can be controlled from any location.


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