Making water treatment in China more efficient and sustainable with Design Thinking

23-sep-2019 15:00

GF Piping Systems is proud to announce a new cooperation with the renowned Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) at the University of Potsdam, Germany, and the SUGAR Network, a global network that brings together students, universities, and companies for the future of innovation. GF Piping Systems collaborates with these Design Thinking and innovation specialists to develop sustainable solutions for water treatment applications in China.

Starting later this month, master students and teaching teams of professors and Ph.D. students in Germany and China will begin working directly with the water treatment and product solution experts at GF Piping Systems to research and develop new approaches for wastewater treatment applications specifically in China to increase efficiency and sustainability even further.

The project - funded by GF Piping Systems - will run over 10 months and focus on wastewater treatment applications for chemical processing, microelectronics and industrial production. It will use the Design Thinking approach, a core methodology for both organizations, in exploring current and anticipated customer needs with innovative solutions.

The efficient, safe, and sustainable treatment of industrial wastewater on a large scale is a main concern for China, home of the world's largest population and the world's second-largest economy. GF Piping System has been active in China since 1997 offering highly efficient water treatment solutions that can increase capacity by up to 50 percent even on the same footprint.

"Our solutions address ever-growing capacity needs and rising requirements for water quality and environmental protection", says Adrian Schwyzer, Global Market Segment Water Treatment at GF Piping Systems. "Anticipated stricter wastewater treatment regulations, requests for higher process automation and process data monitoring and analysis are among the drivers for this initiative."

Active in Asia since 1994, GF Piping Systems has grown from its regional headquarters in Singapore to a workforce of close to 600 employees in the Asia/Pacific region with additional 1400 employees in the Chinaust joint-venture in China. With sales offices in China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam and production facilities in several of these countries including China, we continue to expand our global presence and adjust our footprint to changing market demands.

"This initiative allows us to rethink current water treatment solutions together with customers in China to address their future requirements while including the fresh perspective of master students in this field", says Design Thinking expert André Costa who leads the project on the side of GF Piping Systems. "It is part of our innovation strategy of linking the innovation process to identified customer needs."

GF Piping Systems is the global expert for the safe and reliable transportation of water, chemicals, and gas. The maintenance-free and long-lived piping systems made of plastics help implement vital applications of our customers faster, more cost-e­ffectively and more sustainably. GF Piping Systems supports its customers throughout all phases of their projects from planning to commissioning. Learn more about our water treatment solutions here.


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