Chemical Resistance

Thanks to decades of experience, our specialist teams are highly knowledgeable about the chemical resistance of materials. The online tool ChemRes PLUS provides you with key basic data.

The ChemRes PLUS online tool from GF Piping Systems gathers extensive data about materials and media and visualizes them. Select between all materials and cements from the GF Piping Systems product range and compare to get a comprehensive overview.

Chemical Resistance

Plastic pipes are used not only for drinking water, water for general use and wastewater, but also for transporting chemically aggressive liquids and gases. Therefore, questions regarding the chemical resistance of piping materials to media are as important as the mechanical parameters for the installation of the piping system. Today expensive pipe designs, such as lined metal, ceramic or glass fiber reinforced pipes can be replaced by plastic systems in many cases.

GF Piping Systems attempts to present resistance statements in order to identify the best suitable material for your application. The recommendations given in the ChemRes PLUS database are not only based upon the long and extensive applicational experience of GF but origin as well from tests in GF-own laboratories. The data are subject to frequent updating and addition.

ChemRes PLUS is an easy way to obtain information on the chemical resistance of materials used in products from GF Piping Systems. It’s very straightforward to use:

  • Select the medium to be transported
  • Select the pressure/temperature point corresponding to your application
  • ChemRes PLUS shows you the suitable materials in a clear table

Individual support for your specific project

Our experts offer individual support and advice in selecting materials for your plastic system solution. On request, a dedicated team will provide consulting and assist in selecting the best material for special applications.

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