World Water Day: Serving the world's water needs

Mar 22, 2018 9:00 AM

The provision and protection of hygienically safe drinking water are basic concerns that we at GF Piping Systems devote our work to every day. High-quality piping systems by GF Piping Systems transport hygienically clean drinking water to consumers, be they in residential, office or utility buildings, on cruise ships or ferries. On the other hand, our systems encase important but risky substances, such as in production and chemical companies, thereby protecting drinking water.

Water treatment plant in Australia

Today's World Water Day, launched 25 years ago by the United Nations, is a valuable reminder of the mission that GF Piping Systems has been pursuing for more than 60 years: the safe transport of water and other liquids as well as gas in plastic piping systems that are reliable and sustainable. They prevent unwanted losses of drinking water and ensure that drinking water reserves and groundwater are protected against the escape of hazardous substances.

Customers in more than 100 countries trust GF Piping Systems solutions. They build and operate drinking water and sewage networks or use water for a wide variety of applications. As different the needs are according to application and region, as important are reliability and safety in every installation. This also extends to the oceans of the world through our maritime market segment - passenger and transport vessels and offshore installations.

A special concern of GF Piping Systems is the protection of drinking water from harmful bacterial contamination. The package of measures recommended by our experts and grouped under the name "Hycleen Concept" minimizes these risks over the entire life cycle of the building. It ensures perfectly clean water in residential and office buildings, hotels, clinics and retirement homes. While scarcity is the challenge in many parts of the world, chemical and bacterial pollution is still a risk even in the highest developed countries.

Of course, GF Piping Systems is also constantly working to reduce the water consumption of its own production. In areas of particular water scarcity, such as China and the western US, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our own fresh water consumption by at least ten percent by 2020. Our agreements with suppliers include obligations to work in an environmentally friendly manner and to comply with national environmental laws that include water conservation.

GF Piping Systems is the global specialist in hygienically safe drinking water and helps to ensure a high drinking water quality based on international research and own practical experience worldwide, planners, builders and operators. Together with our partners, we will continue to work on this and inform you about new approaches at events such as the environmental technology fair IFAT in Munich in May. Find out more about our solutions along the water cycle here.