New online calculator for the optimal valve dimension

Dec 4, 2017 12:00 PM

Valve and pipe dimensions are still automatically selected to be the same by many planners even though a smaller valve dimension is often more advantageous reducing energy consumption and preventing premature wear and tear. A new online calculator by GF Piping Systems can help you now with fast and easy calculations for your optimal valve size.


The engineers and developers at GF Piping Systems work every day on technologically advanced product solutions to enable and improve the applications of our customers. Important factors hereby are the optimal design, installation, and application afterwards, and we are here to support every single step with competent guidance and practical advice wherever needed.

One of the most popular tools used by planners is the ever-growing selection of free online calculators provided by GF Piping Systems under Our newest addition supports you in calculating the optimal valve dimension for your project – fast and easy. This service eliminates extensive manual calculations which had to be performed and compared until now separately for each combination of relevant factors like pressures and flows.

Many planners still pick the same dimension for both valve and pipe automatically even though a smaller valve dimension is often beneficial. Proper sizing ensures the optimal working range for the valve, thereby preventing the system from consuming unnecessary energy or unnecessary shortening of the lifespan of the components. If correctly dimensioned, the valve can be one or even two dimensions smaller in many cases.

How the valve calculator works


Go to to find the online calculator. Select the required valve type and pipe size there and enter your process parameters in the respective fields. Afterwards you can choose between different valve sizes. If the working range of the selected valve is optimal, you will see it, marked by two red lines, in the green area of the diagram. If the opening angle is in one of the orange sections (vibration resp. cavitation), adjust by picking a smaller resp. larger valve size.

The new valve calculator extends the line of free online tools already offered by GF Piping Systems to support your planning and technical calculations. Feel free to explor our tool library for material selection, layout and dimensioning, and product selection.

We at GF Piping Systems know that picking the right components for a project can be challenging and we are here to support you expertly all along the way. Our digital services, based on our insights and our customers’ feedback, are a part of this and constantly expanded.

Attila Albert

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