UNI-Coupling – the easy connection for piping systems

Apr 7, 2015 10:00 AM

Better, quicker and safer than you are used to. The UNI-Coupling offers you an easy to install, time and money saving solution. The stainless steel UNI-Coupling has a number of advantages compared to similar couplers.


A patented seal that eliminates the risk of leakage and a special shaped anchoring grip ring ensures a reliable, restraint connection. This unique grip ring features a patented spherical profile that provides extra grip on the pipe, especially for hard surfaces such as thin-walled stainless steel and cast iron.

Thanks for the straightforward design the coupler is easy and fast to install. Due to the wide range of types it can effortlessly connect different types of pipes with various outside diameters. With the bigger clamping range up to three different pipe dimensions can be connected with one coupler. This reduces installation time and requires less storage space. Efficient and economical in more than one way.

The UNI-Coupling is made out of high quality materials; in this case non-corroding W5 stainless steel. The seal is made of high quality elastomers, which ensure a long life time.



Attila Albert

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