The new generation of check valves

May 3, 2011 7:00 AM

The check valves type 561 and 562 have been redesigned and ideally complement the Georg Fischer Piping Systems (GFPS) line of plastic valves. The standard cone check valve type 561 seals with medium pressure (water column). The type 562 is equipped with a spring, closes autonomously and can be installed in any position. Check valves are mainly used in applications where backflow has to be prevented. They also offer optimal protection of pumps in piping systems.

GF_Image-CheckV-_091Dimension range DN10 – DN100 (Photo: Georg Fischer Piping Systems, 2011)

The inner workings of the valve were developed and designed by GFPS Research & Development to comply with clear market specifications. The valve must be operable in any installation position and all the while offer greater safety. Efficiency was also improved and the wear and tear on moving parts reduced, so that costs for users could be lowered. These new products ideally meet the needs of our customers. Instead of using a check ball, the new valves rely on a specially developed double-guided cone. Its geometry is designed for optimal flow and minimal pressure loss, thus significantly improving valve efficiency and performance.

Our engineers have also adapted the profile seal for the new design. This seal has proven its effectiveness in the ball check valve type 360 for over 20 years. The sealing lip of the valve is flexible in the sealing zone, allowing the elastomer to ideally encompass the cone. The check cone has a spherical contour in the sealing zone. Should the cone be deflected, a leak-tight seal of the valve is guaranteed in the closed state.

Safe installation in any position with the spring

The new 562 check valve closes absolutely leak-tight with the built-in spring – even without a water column. In this way, it can be installed in any position, whether horizontally or vertically. A selection of various materials are available for the spring, either stainless steel (DIN standard material no. 1.4310), plastic (ECTFE) encased Nimonic 90 ® (2.4632) or high quality Nimonic 90 ® (2.4632). The Nimonic spring is recommended for applications with aggressive chemicals.

Less wear and tear and minimal noise

The guided cone is subjected to less wear and tear, reducing maintenance to a minimum and increasing the service life. Additionally, the noise generated at high flow velocities has been drastically reduced.

Developed together with our customers

The entire development process was supported by several customers in the framework of field tests.  “For over three years, we successfully tested the suitability of our prototypes in a variety of installations,” says Dominik Scherer, product manager at GF Piping Systems. Check valves type 561 have been in use at customers for over one year without any problems.

More dimensions

Taking into account the larger flow volumes in piping system construction today, the dimension range has been extended in all materials to include DN65, DN80 and DN100.

The valves in PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H and PVDF are available in dimensions DN10-DN100. The wide assortment of connecting parts in all the conventional standards and versions means that the valves can be built into plastic piping systems worldwide, whether ISO, ANSI or JIS standard.

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