Systems for the drinking water installations of today and tomorrow

Mar 12, 2013 7:00 AM

GF Piping Systems exhibits solutions for more safety, more comfort and better sustainability in water distribution

At ISH 2013 in Frankfurt am Main from March 12 – 16, GF Piping System devotes 300 sq.m. of exhibition space to the presentation of system solutions, product innovations and building technology applications for drinking water. Booth F57 in Hall 4.0 is where you will find high-performance products and systems for the complete water cycle – from source to point of consumption. Live demonstrations show how these products afford more safety, comfort, quality of life, hygiene and sustainability. A special highlight, besides the many product presentations, is an installation competition featuring JRG Sanipex MT.

With its portfolio of trendsetting products, the global company GF Piping Systems has once again positioned itself at ISH 2013 as a leading and highly innovative provider of piping systems, offering one-stop shopping for comprehensive solutions. The focus of the trade show is to present time-tested, but also new installation components for hygienic and energy-efficient distribution of drinking, heating and cooling water for building services.

Representative of GF Piping Systems’ highly successful, tried and tested product offering is the modular and dead-leg-free drinking water system, consisting of the JRG LegioStop shut-off valve and the JRG Sanipex MT or JRG Sanipex piping systems. With their full cross-section, corrosion and incrustation resistance and a design free of stagnation zones, these systems wed maximum quality, safety and hygiene. For added safety, continuous monitoring of the temperature level and thermal disinfection provide extra protection against microbiological contamination.

Certified drinking water hygiene

GF Piping Systems’ position as leading global provider of zero static components for building services was recently confirmed by obtaining hygiene certification. As the first company in the world to do so, GF Piping Systems had its products tested by a renowned German test laboratory for potential microbiological contamination in spaces where there is no flow. All the connecting points verifiably met the stringent hygiene standards. Under normal specified operation of a drinking water system, the hygienic safety of the products can thus be certified and guaranteed.

Besides presenting successfully established systems, new innovative products are also demonstrated at the booth. Our experts are happy to provide you with additional information on the following solutions:


Low temperatures for hot water, stagnated water, low flow velocity or certain waterborne substances can cause biofilm growth in drinking water systems. Such biofilms are an ideal environment for pathogens, such as legionella bacteria or pseudomonades. Wherever, in addition to the function of a circulation controller, the controlled thermal disinfection of the hot water system is desired or prescribed, e.g. in hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly or hotels, JRGUTHERM 2T is implemented as circulation controller.

JRGUTHERM 2T regulates the volume flow in circulation and disinfection automatically via angle-seat valves. The two operating states and temperatures are regulated by two separate thermostats. No more complex calculations of preset values or tedious instable adjustments thanks to easy setting. JRGUTHERM 2T can be used without an external source of energy and enables additional energy savings with precise thermal and hydraulic balancing.

JRG Sanipex MT inner/outer fittings and adapters

JRG Sanipex MT is an innovative installation system, developed by GF JRG, with a free cross-section in the pipe joint and no dead legs. Drinking water, heating and cooling installations must often deal with limited space conditions in buildings, which make it difficult for installers to assemble the piping systems. On-site conditions also limit the choice of system versions and require additional use of bends, elbows, tees and other types of fittings.

By keeping the center-to-center distance of the bends to a minimum, the smallest position changes and transitions in the installation are possible. Minimum installation lengths can be realized in order to optimally deal with cramped space conditions in installation and assembly. The comprehensive range of system adapters offers maximum flexibility, regardless of the actual installation conditions.

The 45° or 90° bends and adapters in dimensions d16-d63 are made of red brass. All materials are completely sanitary and feature high corrosion resistance.

Pre-insulated JRG Sanipex and JRG Sanipex MT pipes per EnEV 2009

The Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2009 requires restricting heat emissions in heat distribution and hot water pipes. The pre-insulated multilayer composite and PEX pipes in the JRG Sanipex and JRG Sanipex MT systems comply with a thermal conductivity of 0.035 W/mK, hence the highest heat insulation requirements for piping systems. This also means that the overall design of the pipe packages is significantly sleeker with the same thermal insulation characteristics, as compared to most competitive solutions that work with insulation with λ = 0.040 W/mK. This has a positive effect on the flexibility of the piping systems as well.
The pipes are available in insulation thicknesses of 6, 10 and 20 mm and are mainly used for drinking water installations as well as radiator feed lines and heating connectors.


The manifold valve JRGUSIT NG is a further development of the proven JRGUSIT valve. It complies with the high hygiene requirements of drinking water applications. The valve, which is primarily used in basement distribution, features modularity, flexibility and efficiency. Thanks to the pre-assembled union, there is no need for extensive sealing work on site, facilitating installation and saving time and money. Due to their design, new generation JRGUSIT NG valves can be used as manifolds and collectors. They have a threaded connection on both sides so a drain valve can be mounted and thanks to their smooth-running upper parts which are free of dead spaces where water can stagnate, hygienic operation is warranted.

JRG Sanipex MT bending tool 2xd

By using the JRG Sanipex MT bending tool 2xd, available for dimensions d16 and d20, fewer fittings, e.g. bends, are necessary in heating installations, especially in baseboard systems. This allows reducing the number of joints and minimizing pressure loss.

JRG Sanipex MT reduced fitting connector and JRG Sanipex double socket connector d20

A sanitary drinking water installation which is also economical can be realized with the right pipe configuration. Attention should be given to optimal water circulation and the prevention of stagnation. A grid/loop configuration is ideal to keep valve connections as short as possible. These two JRG Sanipex connectors are part of the Hycleen concept for drinking water installations in buildings and allow creating a hygienic grid/loop configuration of your installation. Compared to conventional tee installations (branch distribution), the number of joints and the fittings requirement are reduced with these two solutions.

JRG CleanLine Filter/JRG CleanLine Combi

During repair or renovation work on public utilities, suspended particles, such as lime, rust or sand, can enter the water pipes of a building through the house service connection. This can impair the functionality of valves, i.e. pressure reducing or safety valves, and impacts the entire in-house network. Water filtering via JRG CleanLine prevents contamination of the pipe network by particulate matter. The innovative backwash technology is highly effective, eliminating the need for a bypass filter. The filter also features minimal installation height and is easily retrofitted thanks to the same installation lengths as the proven pressure reducing valves: JRGURED 1300/1130 and JRGURED Combi 1350. The filter element does not have to be replaced with JRG CleanLine. In the dimensions DN 25 and DN 32 the JRG CleanLine filter is available with or without pressure reducing valve.

JRG Sampling valve

In the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV 2011) the Federal Ministry of Health stipulates systematic testing of drinking water in large-scale hot water systems in buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools or hotels. Samples must be taken at least once a year and tested, among other, for legionella bacteria. The hygienic and grease-free angle valve for sampling has a metal-to-metal seal and is ideal for reliable water sampling in chemical and microbiological analyses according to the relevant guidelines. The zero static version allows full and unrestricted flow in the periods between sample taking. Furthermore, the functional design prevents taking mixed water during sampling. The sterile packaged sampling pipe made of PP is also available in a flame-resistant version.

Additions to LegioTherm System:

JRG LegioTherm K + JRG LegioTherm Powerbox 12W

“Hycleen“, the new brand for drinking water hygiene, includes the familiar JRG LegioTherm product portfolio. The product range comprises products for hydraulic balance and is now complemented with a JRG LegioTherm K flushing valve and a JRG LegioTherm Powerbox 12W.

Long periods of stagnation in cold water installations lead to rapid biofilm growth. Simultaneous heating of the cold water can result in heavy bacterial contamination. This issue is particularly critical in areas where a high quality of drinking water is required, for example in clinics, hotels, nursing homes, schools, daycare centers, sports facilities and other public buildings. Periodic flushing of the drinking water system and continuous temperature monitoring are optimal preventive measures that support a hygienic system.

The new flushing valve, JRG LegioTherm K, can be operated autonomously or with the central control of JRG LegioTherm Master. In conjunction with the new JRG LegioTherm Powerbox 12W, a simplified installation with maximum three valves is possible.

Socket fusion machine BTM 110, INSTAFLEX

An installation which is both fast and cost-efficient is possible without having to miss out on the qualities offered by polybutene – specially developed for building technology applications. With the socket fusion machine BTM 110, installations can be realized in the dimension range from 16 to 110mm. Hygienic pipe connections are easily made by only one employee with the BTM 110. No additional tools, like a workbench or vice, are required. For easier handling and transport, the BTM 110 socket fusion machine is supplied in a transportable crate.

Sprinkler Connection BOX, INSTAFLEX

Recent years have seen aesthetic demands increase in building construction. Many piping components must be built in or behind the wall and should take up as little space as possible. With the new INSTAFLEX sprinkler connection BOX, designed especially for ceiling insert, sprinkler systems can be easily and quickly built into concrete ceilings. The special fitting includes fasteners and protection against corrosion and is already sealed for pressure testing. This saves valuable installation time; no more plugging the sealing area after installation. Each fitting can be retrofitted to a 1” connection so that individual rooms can be connected to an existing sprinkler system without having to adapt the existing pipe layout. The specific fire protection system approval is pending.

System Valve BTV 2, INSTAFLEX

In modern drinking water installations, ring mains are becoming more prevalent. They not only ensure a steady supply but also guarantee optimal flow. The new system valve BTV 2, which can be used in any flow direction and which has a pressure loss value equivalent to that of an INSTAFLEX socket, makes it easy to integrate valves in an installation.
Costly metal transitions required to install the valve are redundant. Joints are made using the socket fusion method with heating element (HWS) or heating socket (HMS).
The valve, which has been completely re-engineered and equipped with the proven JRG LegioStop technology, will be available worldwide in the first quarter 2014. You have a choice of surface-mounted and concealed versions.

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