Pre-Insulated Plastic Piping Solutions for Glycol Applications

Sep 16, 2013 8:00 AM

drinktec 2013, Munich, Hall A4, Booth 535

From September 16 – 20, GF Piping Systems is participating in the exhibition drinktec 2013 at Messe Munich in Hall A4, booth 535. drinktec is regarded as the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry. On this year’s exhibition booth, GF Piping Systems presents energy-efficient, noncorroding, non-dripping pre-insulated piping solutions for indirect cooling applications.

A special highlight, besides product and application presentations, is a tasting of American craft beers produced by COOL-FIT customers.

GF Piping Systems exhibits solutions and innovative systems for cooling applications

With its portfolio of trendsetting products, GF Piping Systems positions itself at drinktec 2013 as a leading and highly innovative provider of piping systems, offering global one-stop shopping for comprehensive solutions in the food and beverage sector. The focus of this year’s trade show and exhibition appearance of GF Piping Systems is to present energy-efficient piping systems, featuring COOL-FIT ABS Plus - a fully pre-insulated plastic piping system to be used in indirect cooling.

The demand for fresh/cooled food worldwide is steadily increasing as well as the energy prices. Cooling is nowadays the principal consumer of energy around the world. Energy-efficient piping systems are becoming increasingly important in order to reduce operating costs. Innovative system solutions such as pre-insulated plastic piping by GF Piping Systems combine high quality for consumers with special environment care and operating cost savings.

COOL-FIT ABS Plus - proven system for energy-efficient indirect cooling COOL-FIT ABS Plus is a fully pre-insulated plastic piping system to be used in indirect cooling applications. The core pipe is made of ABS, and then insulated with high density polyurethane (PUR). The insulation is protected with a black polyethylene jacket, which is water-tight and UV resistant, and therefore makes the system applicable for outdoor usage. In addition the entire system is completely diffusion and vapor tight - ideal for food production environments. COOL-FIT ABS Plus is suitable for cooling applications with water-based coolants from -50 ° C to +40 ° C at an operating pressure of up to 10 bar and within a range of diameters from d25 to d225.

The patented jointing technology, the inner nipple, is an outstanding added value of the system. It reduces work effort by avoiding the complex removal of the polyurethane insulation. Furthermore it allows the system to be quickly and efficiently solvent cemented with Tangit ABS, a bonding technology widely tested and used.

The insulation quality of the system with a thermal conductivity of 0.023 W / (m * K), associated to a constant thickness of insulation on both pipes and fittings, makes COOL-FIT ABS Plus the ideal system to efficiently run cooling installations. The energy loss along the lines is minimized and thermal bridges are eliminated. This ready-to-install pre-insulated system maintains its original properties for its complete life span of 25 years. COOL-FIT ABS Plus is corrosion and incrustation proof. The nominal bore is maintained throughout the installation life time and therefore no increase in pressure drops, maintaining efficient low pumping energy requirements.

The production of COOL-FIT ABS Plus generates a much lower CO2 footprint than any other metal production - from 40% to 60% lower depending on the type of metal.

Possible application areas for the COOL-FIT ABS Plus pre-insulated piping systems:

  • Food production (slaughterhouses, meat/fish/fruits/vegetables processing)
  • Beverages production (breweries/wineries, soft drink and juice production)
  • Dairies
  • Cold stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Air conditioning
  • Process cooling
  • Data centers cooling

Now also up to d450mm

GF Piping Systems now launches a complementary range from d250 up to d450 of COOL-FIT PE Plus. Following the same principle of COOL FIT ABS Plus, the PE system only differs in the core pipes and fittings, which are manufactured in PE for this range. Consequently, the jointing technology of electrofusion pre-insulated PE sockets enable an efficient and quick assembly of the system.

CAD design, online calculation tool and linear software

GF Piping Systems offers several online services on its website

The CAD library is available as a free download. It offers different formats of CAD – from 2D to 3D REVIT option.

The cost-free cooling calculation tool allows the comparison between different piping systems and insulation types as well as an energy balance converted into currency. It shows savings per year when using an energy- efficient piping system for cooling installations.

The COOL-FIT ABS Plus system is also available in other tools such as liNear or MAP ( In this software, a 3D design detailed parts lists of cooling pipelines can be generated, considering all details of construction such as hanging distances, transitions to other materials, connections to equipment, deviations, derivations, no collision with other services available as well as a list of all the consumables needed for the correct assembly.

Visit us at drinktec Hall A4, Booth 535 to get more information on our customers’ experience with COOL-FIT ABS Plus.