Power-Gen: 12. - 14. June 2012

Jun 12, 2012 7:00 AM

Corrosion-free plastic pipes in bioreactors for algae cultivation – algae, the raw material of the future:

Transparent plastic pipes for algae cultivation will be on exhibit at this year’s POWER-GEN from 12 to 14 June in Cologne, Germany. The first bioreactors with components from Georg Fischer Piping systems are now available and will be presented at this venue. Our commitment to sustainability is reinforced with these products. Plastic is a material of choice for piping in water treatment plants and in the chemical process industry. Corrosion is not an issue – even in long-term use.

A dependable joint in piping, distribution networks and house connections or hydrants for gas and water supply is always a first priority. Pipes, fittings, valves and other components must be joined safely and reliably. GF Piping Systems showcases plastic pipes at the exhibition. Selecting the right materials is a crucial step in planning a piping system. We supply environmentally friendly plastic piping systems for diverse applications in building technology, water treatment, water supply, power generation and cooling. High-purity and deionized water, chemicals and refrigerants are but a few examples of media transported through plastic pipes. Plastic pipes perform particularly well in regard to their CO2 footprint because of their low weight. The total greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacture, transport and disposal of PE pipe, measuring one meter in length, are approximately five times lower than for a comparable pipe made of stainless steel. (Complete article under Media Releases)


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