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JRGUMAT compact blending water facility, without by-pass

The JRGUMAT thermoblending valve is an open architecture, proportionallyregulating three-way mixer. The blended water temperature is transferred to the thermostat A. This compares it with the set-point value. If the blended water temperature does not correspond to the setpoint value, a volume change takes place in the thermostat A. This causes the valve slide B to be regulated through the pin C, until the blended water temperature corresponds to the set-point value.

The fitting can mix the water used only as it is drawn. Functions such as back flow prevention, blocking or adjustment of the circulation flow volume cannot be performed by the ® JRGUMAT thermoblending valve. The model to be used will depend on the installation diagrams

  • Description: KV-value 3500 1½ (DN 40) = 10,8 m3/h, 3500 2 (DN 50) = 14,0 m3/h
  • Factory setting: 25 / 40 / 48 / 55°C (adjustable)

Technical Details

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1 1∕240Measurements 3500.010
250Measurements 3500.020


  • enhances comfort and safety in hot water instalations
  • protects against scalding
  • supplies blended water of constant temperature
  • saves water and energie
  • operates without any outside energie
  • high control accuracy

Fields of Application:
  • JRGUMAT thermoblending valves, wich have proven their worth a thousandfold, are thermostatically regulating blending valves, which are used wherever a constant and highly accurate combined blended water temperature is desired and required.

    For example as central mixer in private houses, blocks of flats, hospitals , old age and nursing homes, hotels baracks, shower rooms of sports facilities and commercial buildings. JRGUMAT thermoblend valves also serve as overheating protection in alternative energy plants such as solar units, wood fired heaters, wood chip heaters, pellet furnaces, etc. Owning to the high control accuracy of JRGUMAT thermoblending valves , they are also used for sprecial applications, such as temperature maintainers used es regulateurs.


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Instruction Manual
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