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Electric actuator type EA15/25/45/120/250

  • Heating element, position feedback (Open/Close/ Middle)

  • All: Adjustable heater and 7-segment error LED included
  • EA15: control and position feedback open/close
  • EA25 - 250: control open/close/middle; positon feedback open/close/middle ready to operate
  • cUL E247458
  • All: fail-safe return unit; EA25 - 250: monitoring board, positioner, profibus DP board
  • *with adapter 198 000 587 F05 / WS 11, 198 204 057 F05 / WS 14

Technical Details

Type of actuator
Torque nominal
Torque maximal
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EA15100-230V AC10 Nm20 NmF05* (WS 11/14)MeasurementsCAD 198153180
EA1524V AC/DC10 Nm20 NmF05* (WS 11/14)MeasurementsCAD 198153181
EA25100-230V AC10 Nm25 NmF05* (WS 11/14)MeasurementsCAD 198153182
EA2524V AC/DC10 Nm25 NmF05* (WS 11/14)MeasurementsCAD 198153183
EA45100-230V AC20 Nm45 NmF05* (WS 11/14)MeasurementsCAD 198153184
EA4524V AC/DC20 Nm45 NmF05* (WS 11/14)MeasurementsCAD 198153185
EA120100-230V AC60 Nm120 NmF07 (WS17)MeasurementsCAD 198153186
EA12024V AC/DC60 Nm120 NmF07 (WS17)MeasurementsCAD 198153187
EA250100-230V AC100 Nm250 NmF07 (WS17)MeasurementsCAD 198153188
EA25024V AC/DC100 Nm250 NmF07 (WS17)MeasurementsCAD 198153189
EA15 cUL marked100-230V AC10 Nm20 NmF05* (WS 11/14)Measurements 198153200
EA15 cUL marked24V AC/DC10 Nm20 NmF05* (WS 11/14)Measurements 198153201
EA25 UL marked100-230V AC10 Nm25 NmF05* (WS 11/14)Measurements 198153202
EA25 cUL marked24V AC/DC10 Nm25 NmF05* (WS 11/14)Measurements 198153203
EA45 cUL marked100-230V AC20 Nm45 NmF05* (WS 11/14)Measurements 198153204
EA45 cUL marked24V AC/DC20 Nm45 NmF05* (WS 11/14)Measurements 198153205
EA120 cUL marked100-230V AC60 Nm120 NmF07 (WS17)Measurements 198153206
EA120 cUL marked24V AC/DC60 Nm120 NmF07 (WS17)Measurements 198153207
EA250 cUL marked100-230V AC100 Nm250 NmF07 (WS17)Measurements 198153208
EA250 cUL marked24V AC/DC100 Nm250 NmF07 (WS17)Measurements 198153209


Small & Light - EA15 - 250.pdfPDF1.93 MBDownload
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Datasheet EA25-250.pdfPDF1.26 MBDownload
Datasheet EA15.pdfPDF1.02 MBDownload

Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual: Intermediate Elements for Butterfly Valves Type 567&578.pdfPDF2.94 MBDownload
Electric Actuators Type EA25 - 250.pdfPDF2.91 MBDownload
Electric Actuators Type EA15.pdfPDF7.16 MBDownload
Instruction Manual: Intermediate elements for Ball Valves Type 546, DN65-DN100.pdfPDF6.39 MBDownload

Product Catalog
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