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JRG Coral force

JRG Coral force
JRG Coral force protects drinking water pipes, hot water tanks and heat exchangers and prevents limescale from forming.

Lime deposits in heat generators and control units may cause substantial energy losses. As little as 1mm of limescale can increase energy consumption by up to 10%.

JRG Coral force makes use of the natural process of biomineralization. Granules mimic the surface of shells and corals. These granules act as a catalyst for lime crystal nucleation with nano-crystals growing into micro-crystals and eventually separating from the granules. The excess of dissolved calcium in the water - supersaturated water - is bound and can therefore practically no longer settle as limestone. The water is affected in its composition neither by chemical additives nor through energy supplied.

Main Applications:
• Single-family and multi-family homes

Main Benefits:
No salt or other chemicals are added to the drinking water
• The drinking water system is protected because the bound lime (biomineralization) is safely flushed out
• Hygienic safety is provided through daily thermal disinfection
• Evidence of effectiveness of 95 per cent according to the independent DVGW certification under the terms of worksheet W512 / 510
• Low maintenance; catalyst granules need only be replaced at 5-year intervals


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