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GF Piping Systems has achieved success with the new iLITE plastic piping system by bringing real innovation to the market in the area of plumbing and heating.
This new system offers a quick and safe connection of various piping materials while providing an excellent flow rate at the same time.
iLITE is the best choice for use in drinking water distribution demonstrated by its long life span.

Materials: PE-RT/Al/PE-RT, PE-X, PPSU, Brass
Dimension range: d16 – d32
Jointing technology: Axial Press Technology
Operating pressure: Up to 10 bar
Operating temperature: 0°C  to +70°C (short-term up to 95°C)

Main Applications:
• Building Technology
• Hot & Cold Water installations
• Heating and cooling applications

Main Advantages:
• Excellent flow rate thanks to pipe expansion
• Fast and easy installation with just one tool
• Pre-assembled sleeves with inspection window
• Multi-usable fitting for PE-X and multilayer pipes
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Instruction Manual
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Product Catalog
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