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JRG Sanipex

JRG Sanipex<br>
The connection technology of the JRG Sanipex drinking water system allows safe installation with a full cross-section. Thanks to the unique design dead legs are prevented and stagnation is effectively eliminated. Furthermore, the system features less pressure losses and hardly any noise emissions. It consists of cross-linked polyethylene pipes with all other water-bearing components made of gun metal. Due to the unique conegrip union connection technology in combination with the pipe-in-pipe system, it is possible to change the water-bearing inner pipe without having to gouge out flooring or wall panels. On top of it, JRG Sanipex is successful in the market for more than 40 years.

Materials: PE-Xa, PE-Xc, PE-Xc/AL/PE-X, gun metal
Dimension range: d12 – d32
Jointing technology: Conegrip union technology
Operating pressure: Up to 16 bar
Operating temperature: 0°C to +95°C

Main Applications:
  • Building Technology
  • Marine
  • Hot & Cold Water installations
  • Heating and cooling applications
  • Water mist sprinkler systems
Main Advantages:
  • Superior low pressure losses
  • Water pocket free hygienic connections
  • Detachable and reusable connection without sealing
  • Hardly any noise pollution
  • No power supply required
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Product Catalog
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