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Zgrzewanie elektrooporowe

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Solutions for your large-dimension piping network
Our ELGEF Plus electrofusion couplers for water and gas applications are therefore made to enable a quick and reliable connection of your pipes and spigot fittings.

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Zgrzewanie elektrooporowe
Using electrofusion to connect PE pipes provides a safe, systematic, economic and efficient installation for your piping system. The added value for the customer with ELGEF Plus is the modulatity of the system.

Pressure rating up to 16 bar for water distribution and up to 10 bar for gas distribution.
Temperature range -50°C up to +60°C.

Main Applications:
• Gas and water transport and distribution
• Waste water/sewage
• District cooling
• Fire fighting
• Irrigation

Main Advantages:
• Leak-free welded system
• Low investment start-up costs
• Modularity reduces stockkeeping
• Speed of installation


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