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ALUPEX is a multilayer piping system for usage in water supply applications. High quality of multilayer PE-Xc pipe, heavy brass fittings and performing tools, make ALUPEX one of the most reliable products on the market. The system is ideal for installations in detached houses, residential complexes and commercial buildings.

Materials: PE-Xc/AL/PE-X, Brass
Dimension range: d16 – d63
Jointing technology: Sliding sleeve jointing
Operating pressure: Up to 10 bar
Operating temperature: 0°C  to  +80°C

Main Applications:
  • Building Technology
  • Industrial applications
  • Hot & Cold Water installations
  • Heating
  • Compressed Air
Main Advantages:
  • Fast, easy and safe assembly thanks to press-fitting usage
  • No O-rings needed
  • Same fittings for different applications
  • Flexible and strong pipes
  • Fully recyclable fittings
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Manuale di istruzione
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Scheda tecnica
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