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PID Controller 3216

The GF 3216 PID controller is an economic and compact controller for industrial automation.
The type 3216 had been preconfigured for valve applications to guarantee a quick and straightforward configuration of the controller.
Only parameters which are most relevant for e.g. valve/flow control, tank filling applications or mixing processes appear in the setup wizard. No need to run through a long list of settings.
Measurement and control values are shown on a clear display. Important events are displayed as scrollable text messages to assure a good visibility to the operator.

PID controllers offer a control feed mechanism.
For valve control the 3216 is connected to an electric actuator on a valve and a flow sensor. The operator defines a set-point for a required flow-rate in a system. The controller now permanently compares the actual flow reading and the set-point. As long as it identifies an "error", it keeps on actuating the valve. As soon as the desired flow rate is reached the controller holds the valves position.

Technical Details

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  • Large display
  • Quick Setup
  • Comprehensive text screen
  • Manual override per push button
  • External set point 4-20 mA input
  • One 4-20 mA input and output
  • Compact design

Fields of Application:
  • Mixing - Ratio Control
  • Tank Filling/Emptying Control
  • Flow/Valve Control

  • CE
  • CUL


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Instruction Manual
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