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Pipe ABS grey class 7 (T) 12 bar at 20°C

Acrylnitrile-Butadiene-Styrene has high impact resistance - even at very low temperatures. The low heat conductivity supports its use in cold and climate-controlled areas.

In addition to the range of standard fittings, other components such as silicon-free mountings and screw joints are also offered.

ABS pipes and fittings from GF Piping Systems are also offered for cooling equipment as a pre-insulated system under the COOL-FIT brand.

  • Dimensions: BS 5391
  • Pipe length: 6m with plain ends
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 length
  • Thick wall pipe to allow for threading

Technical Details

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  • high impact strength even at low temperatures
  • halogen free
  • low heat conductivity
  • single installation via solvent cement joints

Fields of Application:
  • Cooling
  • Food and Beverage
  • building technology
  • Ship building
  • Water Treatment

  • ISO, BS


System Specification - ABS BS Inch.pdfPDF528.98 KBDownload
System Specification - ABS metric.pdfPDF533.93 KBDownload

Instruction Manual
Instructions for Tangit solvent cement jointing of ABS dimension d20 to d315.pdfPDF3.36 MBDownload

Planning Fundamental
Instructions for Tangit solvent cement jointing of COOL-FIT ABS dimension d20 to d225.pdfPDF8.57 MBDownload
Herstellen von Tangit-Klebverbindungen aus COOL-FIT ABS Dimension d20 bis d225.pdfPDF9.98 MBDownload
Solvent cement jointing of ABS Fittings d250 - 315.pdfPDF1.21 MBDownload

Test certificates
Oxygen Diffusion Test Report ABS.pdfPDF579.27 KBDownload
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