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Type 2260 Level Transmitter, Continuous Measuring, Display Version, 4-20 mA / HART / Relay Output

The type 2260 is a rugged, high performance ultrasonic level measurement transmitter, having transducer and processing electronics and a display/programming unit incorporated in one single housing.

All type 2260 Level Transmitters are using established high end pulse echo transducers, which provide narrow beam angles and reliable measurement ranges up to a distance of 15 meters.

For small, stand alone tanks the transmitter provides a simple 2-wire 4 to 20 mA output, with additional power relay contacts. It can be programmed using push buttons and the large, graphic display. For large and/or multiple tank applications versions with HART interface are recommended, communicating directly with a panel mount controller or PLC. The HART protocol can easily be used for programming these versions.

  • Principle: non-contact ultrasonic transit time
  • Measuring range: 0.2…4 m, 0.25…6 m, 0.45…15 m
  • Sensor Type: PP or PVDF
  • Output: 4-20 mA, 2-wire; HART Protocol; Relay

  • Integrated display and programming buttons
  • Supply power: 12…36 V DC

Technical Details

Measuring range
Process Connection
Sensor Type
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2260-P-2DB-40.20 - 4.001 1/2" BSPPPMeasurementsCAD 159300091
2260-P-2DB-60.25 - 6.002" BSPPPMeasurementsCAD 159300093
2260-P-2DF-150.45 - 15.00DN 125 flangePPMeasurementsCAD 159300095
2260-V-2DB-40.20 - 4.001 1/2" BSPPVDFMeasurementsCAD 159300102
2260-V-2DB-60.25 - 6.002" BSPPVDFMeasurementsCAD 159300104
2260-P-2DA-150.45 - 15.00DN 125 flangePVDFMeasurementsCAD 159300106
2260-V-2DN-40.20 - 4.001 1/2" NPTPPMeasurementsCAD 159300121
2260-V-2DN-60.25 - 6.002" NPTPPMeasurementsCAD 159300123
2260-P-2DA-150.45 - 15.00ANSI Flange 5 inchPPMeasurementsCAD 159300125
2260-V-2DN-40.20 - 4.001 1/2" NPTPVDFMeasurementsCAD 159300132
2260-V-2DN-60.25 - 6.002" NPTPVDFMeasurementsCAD 159300134
2260-P-2DA-150.45 - 15.00ANSI Flange 5 inchPVDFMeasurementsCAD 159300136


  • Switching relay for high / low alarm

  • 4 to 20 mA / HART interface

  • Secondary lightning protection

  • 2-wire compact transmitters

  • Plug-in keypad and display

  • Quick-set menu for efficient installation

  • PP or PVDF sensor body provides best chemical resistance

  • Outstanding signal processing software providing highly accurate measuring results

  • Fully temperature compensated electronics

  • Narrow 5° beam angle

  • Non-contact level metering

  • CE
  • RoHS Compliant


Level Sensors and -Switches.pdfPDF2.34 MBDownload
Selection Chart for Level Transmitters and Point Level Switches.pdfPDF404 KBDownload
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2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters with EX Approval (German).pdfPDF616.16 KBDownload
2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters with EX Approval (English).pdfPDF590.58 KBDownload
2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters (German).pdfPDF615.83 KBDownload
2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters (English).pdfPDF593.74 KBDownload

eview Software.pdfPDF230.57 KBDownload

Instruction Manual
Schnell-Start Ultraschall-Füllstandstransmitter Typ 2260.pdfPDF339.49 KBDownload
Quickset Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Type 2260.pdfPDF337.91 KBDownload
Bedienungsanleitung - Ultraschall-Füllstandstransmitter Typ 2260.pdfPDF1.54 MBDownload
Instruction manual - Ultrasonic Leveltransmitter Type 2260.pdfPDF1.71 MBDownload
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