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Barcode Scanner

  • Barcode scanner for automatic fusion and traceability data reading of fittings and pipes

Technical Details

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MSAplus scanner and cableMeasurements 790160227
MSA330/MSA340 rugged scanner and cableMeasurements 790160225
MSA 2.0 barcode scannerMeasurements 790156160
MSA 2.1 and MSA 4.0 1D barcode scannerMeasurements 790156260
MSA 4.0 2D barcode scannerMeasurements 790156261
Barcode scanner with pouch for old MSA and MSAplusMeasurements 799350419
MSA 125 / MSA 315 scanner and cableMeasurements 790160251
MSA330/MSA340 rugged USB scanner and cable Measurements 790160252
MSA330/MSA 340 V3 scanner onlyMeasurements 790160256
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