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ecoFIT pipe SDR17,6/PN10/S8,3

ecoFIT all you need in PE. The qualified, corrosion resistance solution for universal usage in highly diverse industrial applications.
Covering all requirements of the most significant international standards proves the systems’ quality and safety. ecoFIT guarantes a maximum of safety, reliability and performance.

  • Material: PE100
  • Dimension: acc. to DIN 8074/75
  • Colour: black
  • Pipe length: 5m, with plain ends
  • Note 1: DIBT Z-40.23-406 Approval
  • Attention: Pressure rates refer to operating temperatures at 20°C. Higher temperatures and aggressive flow media reduce pressure load (see above DIN and our technical documentation). Pressure load capacity has to be determined in consideration with safety demands of the respective applications and calculated in accordance.

Technical Details

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125MeasurementsCAD 193017107
132MeasurementsCAD 193017108
140MeasurementsCAD 193017109
150MeasurementsCAD 193017110
163MeasurementsCAD 193017111
175MeasurementsCAD 193017112
190MeasurementsCAD 193017113
1110MeasurementsCAD 193017114
1125MeasurementsCAD 193017115
1140MeasurementsCAD 193017116
1160MeasurementsCAD 193017117
1180MeasurementsCAD 193017118
1200MeasurementsCAD 193017119
1225MeasurementsCAD 193017120
250MeasurementsCAD 193017121
280MeasurementsCAD 193017122
315MeasurementsCAD 193017123
355MeasurementsCAD 193017124
400MeasurementsCAD 193017125
450MeasurementsCAD 193017126
500MeasurementsCAD 193017127


  • excellent cost-performance ratio
  • outstanding flexibility
  • Safe and easy jointing
  • high impact resistance even at very low temperatures

Fields of Application:
  • Food and Beverage

  • Ship building
  • Water and gas utilities
  • water treatment

  • ISO
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