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AQUASYSTEM has been designed and produced as a piping system for hot and cold water supply as well as for heating applications. The integrated system is easy to use and install, fulfills the stringent requirements of the water sector and offers excellent value for money.  AQUASYSTEM is the ideal and above all cost-effective solution for piping installations in schools, hospitals, hotels, office blocks as well as in fields of modular construction.

Materials: Polypropylene, brass
Dimension range: d16 – d160
Jointing technology: Socket fusion, electrofusion, butt fusion
Operating pressure: Up to 20 bar
Operating temperature: 0°C  to  +95°C

Main Applications:
  • Building Technology
  • Marine
  • Hot & Cold Water installations
Main Advantages:
  • Low expansion with fibre pipes
  • Off-site fabrication
  • Cost certainty
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Minimum pressure losses
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Instruction Manual
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Product Catalog
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