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Modbus Module

  • Modbus Module supports RS485 Serial Modbus Communications
  • Modules are field installable and replaceable anytime
  • Modbus Module for connection to Serial, RS485, Modbus networks

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3-9900,270-M2Modbus Module with Terminal Block AssemblyDodatkowe pomiary 159200121
3-9900,270-M3Modbus Module with M12 Connector AssemblyDodatkowe pomiary 159200122
3-9900,270-M4Modbus Module with Wire Cable AssemblyDodatkowe pomiary 159200128
3-9900,270-CB1Replacement Wire Cable Assembly for M1Dodatkowe pomiary 159200123
3-9900,270-CB2Replacement Terminal Block Assembly for M2Dodatkowe pomiary 159200124
3-9900,270-CB3Replacement M12 Connector Assembly for M3Dodatkowe pomiary 159200125


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Instruction Manual
English Instruction Sheet - Modbus Module for 9900PDF667.67 KBPobierz
Italian Instruction Sheet – Modbus Module for 9900PDF676.66 KBPobierz
English - 9900 Modbus Programming Manual.pdfPDF1.01 MBPobierz
French Instruction Sheet – Modbus Module for 9900PDF432.25 KBPobierz
Spanish Instruction Sheet – Modbus Module for 9900PDF1.01 MBPobierz
Chinese Instruction Sheet – Modbus Module for 9900PDF1.02 MBPobierz
Chinese - 9900 Modbus Programming Manual.pdfPDF1.4 MBPobierz
German Instruction Sheet – Modbus Module for 9900PDF662.97 KBPobierz
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