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  • High performance radio equipment, working in combination with WeldinAir mobile application. The USB Bluetooth Low Energy device controls the real time communication between the electro-fusion machine and a mobile smartphone (at least iOS 11 or Android 7), during the welding process and the data management.  The WeldinAir product is backward compatible with most of MSA electro-fusion units: the hardware can be plugged into the USB socket of MSA 2.0, MSA 2.1, MSA 4.0 without built-in Bluetooth, MSA 330 and MSA 340.
  • Useable stand alone, with WeldinOne or Track&Trace, the Quality and Asset Management Service of GFPS.
  • Scope of delivery: WeldinAir dongle, USB memory stick with MSA software drivers, User instructions and packing
  • Technical Data:
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C

  • Input voltage: 5V DC
  • Input current (max): 50 mA
  • Klasa zabezpieczenia: IP 65

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