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Limit contacts GK10/GK11
For type 335/350 and short version

Variable area flow meters are radially installed dismountable meters for measuring the flow rate in industrial pipework applications.
The measurement ranges, which are attuned to our customers' needs, and the range of materials available for the tubes and screwed fittings, mean that the flow meters can be used for a wide range of applications and a great variety of media.

Technical Details

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GK10 (min.)Measurements 198335998
GK11 (max.)Measurements 198335999


  • imprinted double scale for water in percent and l/h
  • No auxiliary energy required
  • top insert with damping function as a standard
  • wide range of materials
  • available measuring range from 2.5l/h up to 30 000l/h
  • large dimensions with PEEK guiding rod - no breakable parts
  • easy reading of value

Fields of Application:
  • Power supply
  • Food and Beverage

  • Ship building
  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial water treatment

  • Limit switches for min. and max. flow
  • Special scales in m3/h, GPM
  • Special scales for air, NaOH, HCl


Instruction Manual
Variable Area Flow Meter Type 335/350.pdfPDF1.79 MBDownload

Product Catalog
Product Range - Variable Area Flow Meters Type 335-350.pdfPDF3.47 MBDownload
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