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Branch saddle topload
outlet 90 - 125 mm

The ELGEF Plus branch saddle offers a userfriendly solution for new installations or network extensions.

Whether a new installation, subsequent tie-in of mains or service line, hydrant connection, renovation or repair work – our branch fittings are faster and easier to use than standard tees.

Branch saddles provide considerable savings with respect to material and overall costs.

  • PE 100 SDR 11 (ISO S5)
  • 10 bar Gas / 16 bar Water
  • Branch Saddle for assembling as Topload with tool 799.350.477; angle adaptors (799.350.340) for fusion cable required
  • Electrofusion outlet with integrated pipe fixation
  • Protected wire without medium contact
  • 4 mm pin connectors
  • Limited path fusion indicators

Technical Details

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  • integrated pipe fixation for the branch outlet
  • fewer fittings required resulting in savings for material costs
  • branch fittings can be installed and tapped under live mains conditions – so the main line must not be shut down or bypassed like when using tees
  • conventional tapping procedures, i.e. the use of existing, conventional tooling is possible
  • lower installation costs thanks to easy handling

Fields of Application:
  • Transport lines, distribution lines
  • Industrial pressure applications
  • Water and gas distribution


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Broschüre - ELGEF Plus Anschlussfitting.pdfPDF2.45 MBDownload

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Instruction Manual
Installation manual - Branch fitting ELGEF Plus d110mm to d250mm.pdfPDF1.05 MBDownload


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