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Branch saddle
outlet 90 - 125 mm

The ELGEF Plus branch saddle offers a userfriendly solution for new installations or network extensions.

Whether a new installation, subsequent tie-in of mains or service line, hydrant connection, renovation or repair work – our branch fittings are faster and easier to use than standard tees.

Branch saddles provide considerable savings with respect to material and overall costs.

  • PE 100 SDR 11 (ISO S5)
  • 10 bar Gas / 16 bar Water
  • Branch Saddle complete, incl. lower part and 3 screws
  • Additional fixing with snatch hinge
  • Electrofusion outlet with integrated pipe fixation
  • Protected wire without medium contact
  • 4 mm pin connectors
  • Limited path fusion indicators
  • * Delivered without lower part. Pipe fixation with multiple use assembly tool
    no. 193.281.027

Technical Details

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11090MeasurementsCAD 193135009
110110MeasurementsCAD 193135010
12590MeasurementsCAD 193135019
125110MeasurementsCAD 193135020
*14090MeasurementsCAD 193135029
*140110MeasurementsCAD 193135030
16090MeasurementsCAD 193135039
160110MeasurementsCAD 193135040
160125MeasurementsCAD 193135041
18090MeasurementsCAD 193135049
180110MeasurementsCAD 193135050
180125MeasurementsCAD 193135051
20090MeasurementsCAD 193135059
200110MeasurementsCAD 193135060
200125MeasurementsCAD 193135061
22590MeasurementsCAD 193135069
225110MeasurementsCAD 193135070
225125MeasurementsCAD 193135071
25090MeasurementsCAD 193135079
250110MeasurementsCAD 193135080
250125MeasurementsCAD 193135081


  • integrated pipe fixation for the branch outlet
  • fewer fittings required resulting in savings for material costs
  • branch fittings can be installed and tapped under live mains conditions – so the main line must not be shut down or bypassed like when using tees
  • conventional tapping procedures, i.e. the use of existing, conventional tooling is possible
  • lower installation costs thanks to easy handling

Fields of Application:
  • Transport lines, distribution lines
  • Industrial pressure applications
  • Water and gas distribution


Brochure - ELGEF Plus.pdfPDF2.34 MBDownload
Broschüre - ELGEF Plus Anschlussfitting.pdfPDF2.45 MBDownload

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Instruction Manual
Installation manual - Branch fitting ELGEF Plus d110mm to d250mm.pdfPDF1.05 MBDownload


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