Rear Enclosure Kit

The Signet Rear Enclosure Kit allows the 9900 Transmitter to be mounted just about anywhere. The design features make it suitable for installations onto walls, pipes, struts or inside panels. There are two kits available, Rear Enclosure with Hinged cover or with Flat cover. Kits can be installed on any generation of the 3-9900-1P Panel Mount Transmitter. They can also be used with the 3-9900-1BC Batch Controller System.

The hinged cover version is suitable for wall or pipe mount installations. The kit is equipped with necessary wall mounting hardware. Plastic tie wraps or metal hose clamps (customer supplied) can be used for pipe mount installations. Two slots are available up to 12.7 mm (0.5 in.) wide. The hinged cover design allows for easy access to the back of the 9900 Transmitter for wiring and module installation. The user can install the hinged door to swing down, up or side-to-side.

The fl at cover kit is designed to fi t inside a panel for waterproof protection.

Both options have suffi cient space for all 9900 Transmitter modules. Enclosures have hole markers on all sides, so
users can drill holes and position the wires on the top, bottom or sides.

  • compatibel met alle bestaande 9900-1P transmitters
  • NEMA TYPE 4X/IP66 geschikt voor binnen- of buiteninstallatie
  • ruimte voor elke 9900 transmitter module
  • scharnierende kap om eenvoudig de bedrading te kunnen bereiken
  • scharnierende kap voor wand- of buismontage
  • gebruik voor binnen een waterdicht beschermingspaneel
  • boorgaten aan elke zijde voor een flexibele aansluiting

Technische gegevens

Aanvullende afmetingen
In winkelwagen
3-9900,399-1Rear Enclosure Hinged CoverAanvullende afmetingenCAD 159001834
3-9900,399-2Rear Enclosure Flat CoverAanvullende afmetingenCAD 159001835


  • China RoHS
  • RoHS conform

  • metaal en kunststof afwerking
  • chemische productie / toevoeging
  • Omgekeerde osmose
  • gaswassers
  • afvalwaterbehandeling
  • Koeltorens
  • Municipalities
  • Aquatic
  • Deionization (Ultra Pure Water, Two & Mixed Bed System)
  • Mediafiltratie

  • Drill holes on any side for flexible wiring orientation
  • Use inside a panel for waterproof protection
  • Hinged cover suitable for wall mount or pipe mount installations
  • Hinged cover design for easy to access wiring
  • Spacious for any 9900 Transmitter accessory module
  • NEMA TYPE 4X/IP66 rated for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Compatible with all existing 9900-1P Transmitters


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Instruction Manual
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