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Unión (FKM negro), PN 16, PVDF estándar

Excellent piping system solution for demanding chemical and water applications, even at elevated temperatures.

Uses include delivery of pharmaceutical grade purified water (PW) and DI water, using hot water steam or ozone sanitisation. Due to its excellent chemical resistance it is widely used in chemical distribution systems.

  • Material: PVDF
  • d75, d90 y d110 con roscas trapezoidales

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Campos de aplicación:
  • UPW and HUPW (Hot)Ultrapurewater return loops in Microelectronics
  • Life science applications for sanitisation with ozone, steam or hot water
  • Chemical applications within CPI

  • Free of additives, pigments or stabilizers
  • Steam sterilisable up to 140°C
  • Neither rouging nor corrosion risk
  • Physiologically inert system
  • no reaction with fluids or ingredients in the piping system
  • Disinfection by ozone, UV and chemicals is possible


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