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INSTAFLEX is a state-of-the art polybutene system for installations in the building technology and marine sector. Major fields of application are hot and cold water, cooling systems and compressed air. INSTAFLEX offers complete solution packages for buildings ranging in size from single-family detached houses via apartment blocks through to public or commercial buildings.

Materials: Polybutene, Brass
Dimension range: d16 – d315
Jointing technology: Electrofusion, socket fusion, butt fusion, compression joint
Operating pressure: Up to 16 bar
Operating temperature: -10°C to +95°C

Main Applications:
• Building Technology
• Marine
• Industrial Applications
• Hot & Cold Water Installations
• Compressed Air
• Cooling Systems

Main Advantages:
• Noise-insulating
• Full flow design
• Elasticity to follow building shape
• Cost-effective prefabricated solutions
• One system from point of entry to tap
INSTAFLEX - Sound test and Environtal Impact.pdfPDF520.68 KBBaixar
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Instruction Manual
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Product Catalog
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