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Flange adaptor LS PE100 SDR11
Combined jointing face:
Flat and serrated

The most widespread use of polythene in pipeline construction is for ground-layed gas and water pipes. But its benefits are also utilized in household technology and in industrial pipeline construction. The electrowelding fittings from polythene are sold by GF Piping Systems under the ELGEF Plus brand.

  • Long spigot
  • Material: PE100
  • For IR, butt- and electro fusion

  • Suitable for flange connections to metric (from d110 also to ANSI/ASME B16.5)
  • Gasket d20-d630: Profile flange gasket NBR No. 45 44 07, EPDM No. 48 44 07
  • Gasket d710-d1000: flat gasket EPDM No. 48 40 03
  • Type A without chamfer, Type B with chamfer
  • 10 bar Gas / 16 bar Water
  • Up to d315, suitable for butterfly valve type 567/578. Above use ecoFIT adaptor for butterfly valves SDR11 (d355-d1200)
  • * Installation support through moulded ribs

Technical Details

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2015MeasurementsCAD 753800031
2520Measurements 753800032
3225IRMeasurementsCAD 753800008
4032IRMeasurementsCAD 753800009
5040IRMeasurementsCAD 753800010
6350IRMeasurementsCAD 753800011
7565IRMeasurementsCAD 753800012
9080IRMeasurementsCAD 753800013
110100IRMeasurementsCAD 753800014
125100IRMeasurementsCAD 753800015
140125IRMeasurementsCAD 753800016
160150IRMeasurementsCAD 753800017
180150IRMeasurementsCAD 753800018
200200IRMeasurementsCAD 753800019
225200IRMeasurementsCAD 753800020
250250MeasurementsCAD 753800021
280250MeasurementsCAD 753800022
315300MeasurementsCAD 753800023
*355350MeasurementsCAD 753800224
*400400MeasurementsCAD 753800225
*450500MeasurementsCAD 753800226
*500500MeasurementsCAD 753800227
560600Measurements 753800228
630600Measurements 753800229
710700MeasurementsCAD 753800030
800800MeasurementsCAD 753800033


  • excellent cost-performance ratio
  • outstanding flexibility
  • Safe and easy jointing
  • high impact resistance even at very low temperatures

Fields of Application:
  • Food and Beverage

  • Ship building
  • Water and gas utilities
  • water treatment

  • ISO


ELGEF Plus - Sun protection for your fittings.pdfPDF463 KBDownload

Instruction Manual
Installation manual - Electrofusion couplers ELGEF Plus d75-d315 mm SDR11 d160-d315 mm SDR17.pdfPDF866.62 KBDownload
Installation manual - Electrofusion coupler ELGEF Plus d355-d400 SDR11, d355-d500 SDR17 - en, de.pdf PDF893.59 KBDownload
Installation Manual - Electrofusion Couplers ELGEF Plus d710-1200 mm - SDR11_17_26.pdfPDF631.43 KBDownload
Installation manual - Electrofusion fitting ELGEF Plus d75 - d250mm - en, de.pdfPDF1.15 MBDownload
Installation manual - Electrofusion couplers ELGEF Plus Flex groove design d450-630mm SDR11d560-630mm SDR17.PDFPDF983.23 KBDownload


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