Product LCAs and EPDs

GF Piping Systems products are sustainable

Our plastic solutions…

  • Guarantee high efficiency throughout their service life due to corrosion resistance
  • Are extremely durable; depending on the application, their service life can exceed 100 years
  • Have a lower carbon footprint than metal alternatives
  • Are compatible with green building standards and certifications
  • Reduce transportation and installation efforts due to their lower weight
  • Are manufactured from recyclable materials, supporting a circular economy


Our metal solutions...

  • Resist toughest high-temperature and high-pressure operating conditions
  • Are strong and ductile to withstand mechanical stress
  • Can be integrated in fully circular material flows
LCAs and EPDs

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) are a science-based tool used to evaluate a product's environmental performance over its complete life cycle. LCAs serve as basis for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs are third-party verified statements providing information about the environmental performance of a product or system. Find more information here

ApplicationMaterialGF System       Type of study    
Hot and cold drinking water for buildings
JRG Sanipex
Hot and cold drinking water for buildingsPE-X or PE-RT/ Al/ PE-RTiFIT
Hot and cold drinking water for buildingsPE-X or PE-RT/ Al/ PE-RTJRG Sanipex MT
Hot and cold drinking water for buildingsPE-X or PE-RT/ Al/ PE-RTiLITE
Hot and cold drinking water for buildingsPBiFIT
Hot and cold drinking water for buildingsPBINSTAFLEX
Hot and cold water distribution aboard cruise shipsPBINSTAFLEX
Circling and distribution of purified water in pharmaceutical plantsPVDFSYGEF Plus
Chemical conveyancePPPROGEF PP System
Dosing application in water treatment plantsPVC-UPVC-U System
Sea water cooling intake in power plantsPEecoFIT
Hot and cold water for chemicals, air conditioning, solar collectorsPR-R/ PP-RCT

Aquasystem PP-R &

PP-RCT pipes and fittings

Drainage/ sewer pipe systemPP

Silenta premium,

Silenta extreme, Silenta 3A

Pipes connection

Cast iron


Air conditioning

HDPE, GF-HE and other plasticsCOOL-FIT 2.0

Air conditioning

HDPE, GF-HE, PVC-U and other plasticsCOOL-FIT 2.0F


HDPE, GF-HE and other plasticsCOOL-FIT 4.0
Valves for water and water treatmentFibre reinforced polyamideButterfly Valve 565