Embrace the cold - extreme cooling confidence with pre-insulated plastic piping systems. COOL-FIT increases the efficiency of your cooling circuit and is a more sustainable alternative to metal piping systems.

Make your cooling circuit more efficient with robust pre-insulated plastic piping systems. COOL-FIT is a cutting-edge technology piping system including pipes, fittings, valves, flexible hoses, and tools, ensuring complete system integrity and a perfect seal. Designed and optimized for fast and easy installation and at least 25 years of operations with zero interruptions and maintenance. The reliable and efficient alternative to post-insulated metal piping systems.

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COOL-FIT is cutting-edge technology designed for versatile use in cooling applications. It combines corrosion and maintenance-free components with factory pre-insulation in a reliable and efficient system. Safe, easy and quick to install, this system is ideal for food and beverage production and storage as well as HVAC applications.


Installing COOL-FIT pipes, fittings and valves is fast and simple thanks to the pre-insulated system components and the electrofusion technology. The installation process takes only a few minutes and the MSA welding equipment from GF Piping Systems ensures a secure connection.

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Learn more about the fast and easy installation of the pre-insulated COOL-FIT piping system and watch our installation video.

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