Kornel Daron - Speaker

Kornel Daron has been working in the company Daron Technik since 2013. He gained his first experience directly during the installation on the construction site. The next years he worked as a Project Manager and now he has been the Managing Director in the company for three years. Daron Technik was founded 25 years ago by his father Franz Daron, who is still involved in the company. The company has been carrying out installations throughout Europe for over 15 years, most of them in Germany. Daron Technik established partnerships with several German companies. These relations allow a stable development. By making loyalty, reliability and top quality his first priority, Daron Technik is highly appreciated by his customers, which leads to long-term partnerships. Since Kornel Daron grew up in Germany and also spent time there during his studies of civil engineering, he is able to speak the language fluently. In his private life, he is the father of two small children, who keep him busy even after work.