Karl-Heinz Land - Speaker

"Never again will the pace of impending change be as slow as it is today!" - and now? Change, with all its changes, has once again turned on the "turbo". Corona has forced us to a standstill and thus at the same time acted like a fire accelerator on the developments and failures of the last thirty years. The virus is now relentlessly exposing the systemic flaws in our social and economic system. For decades, we ignored the emerging crises: Climate catastrophes, species extinction, increasing migration, waste crises, environmental destruction, growing inequality, factory farming and Dieselgate. Was such a global emergency as we are currently experiencing inevitable? It seems as if nature wants to assert itself against humanity and make an example. We are suddenly forced to pause. To pause to question ourselves and our system in its entirety. As brutal as the events and consequences of the virus are for us, it is nevertheless time for a new beginning. A chance to re-sort ourselves, to recognize and fix the root causes of our problems instead of numbing the symptoms. Only now, when physical togetherness is made more difficult for us by Covid-19, is the importance of the Internet and digitalization slowly being perceived for what they are: The infrastructure of our future prosperity.