Helmut Jedinger - Speaker

Helmut Jedinger is Head of Product Management and Marketing at Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH. His responsibilities include the certification of threaded fittings and PRIMOFIT compression fittings, as well as participation in national and international standards committees. He also acts as a key account manager for special customer groups and markets. As the son of a installer and an engineer for mechanical engineering, sanitary, air-conditioning and heating technology, he has been involved in the field of building technologies for a very long time. After initial work experience in the industry and a business management education, he found his way to Georg Fischer as early as 1996, first as an employee in quality assurance, then as a quality management representative, and took the next step into marketing, which later integrated product management under his leadership. Bringing the "customer's mindset" into the strategic development of the company is an important concern for him, and marketing an innovation that has endured in the market for 157 years in the meantime has become a passion.