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Together as one: We make Process Automation easy. GF Piping Systems offers a holistic portfolio with full scale valves and actuation, measurement solutions within water treatment and chemical processing applications.

Customer Success Stories across industries

Water Treatment

Ekopak creates "water as a service" containers to recycle and revalue water. Their containers are important for processing water in production as well as for drinking water in consumers' homes. 


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Lithium Recovery

The Canadian company Saltworks Technologies Inc. specializes in industrial wastewater treatment. Thanks to modern skids, it is capable of extracting valuable raw materials from used process water, resulting in a sustainable source of lithium, nickel, and cobalt. 

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Chemical Processes

Caramba Bremen GmbH specializes in chemical solutions with a focus on industrial applications and vehicle cleaning. During production, the company uses 18 raw materials from storage tanks to create a total of 800 different products.  Eight million kilograms are mixed and dosed every year. 

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Have a look at our reference case collection and learn how GF Piping Systems has helped our customers improve water quality and ensure operational safety.

Innovation with purpose

Our global team of Process Automation Experts continuously develops new solutions to make Process Automation as easy and sustainable as possible - even in challenging applications. Discover our latest innovation here.

Enhancing plant efficiency with digital field connectivity

To enhance plant efficiency, the automation industry is embracing specific trends. These trends include Industry 4.0, implementing connected systems, adopting predictive maintenance practices, and integrating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Our Industrial Ethernet connectivity options help to plan flexible networks and commission the devices quickly and easily,  including access to all relevant device parameters.

GF Piping System offers Industrial Ethernet for both Electric Actuators and Electro-pneumatic Positioners.

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Connectivity Protocols - PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus

Our Commitment and Expertise

Decentralized Solutions

In this session, innovative world leaders and GF Piping System experts discuss how decentralized soutions and the concept of water as a service is a concrete answer to the problem of water scarcity and access to clean drinking water. 

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Water Transportation

In this session, our experts discuss how the water industry is changing, which are the challenges in front of us and how GF Piping Sytems is preparing to tackle them. 

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Future WT Plants

In this webinar, our experts and customers discuss how the role of automation in increasing efficiency and reducing wastage in water treatment plants is becoming more pivotal now and in the future.

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Discover the product range

We offer the full package of solutions, that allow you to build highly energy efficiencient and reliable processes. Discover our Valve Solutions and our Measurement Solutions.

Valves Solutions


We offer one of the most comprehensive valve product ranges, enabling you to find the right match for your application.  Combining the right valve selection and our high product quality leads to a favorable total cost of ownership.



We offer a whole range of all-plastic designs which are capable of withstanding harsh environments. With our modular set-up, valves and actuators can be combined flexibly, and additional functionalities, like positioners or smart monitoring devices, can be added optionally. 

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Control Valves

We offer the perfect full plastic valve pack. Thanks to the perfect alignment, precise flow control becomes simple. Additionally, an auto-tune function ensures quick commissioning. 


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Digital Field Connectivity

Our Industrial Ethernet connectivity options help to plan flexible networks and commission the devices quickly and easily,  including access to all relevant device parameters.

43rd Edition of the GF Measurement & Control catalog

GF Measurement & Control offers a wide range of products which help ensure proper evaluation of systems such as reverse osmosis, deionization, nutrition monitoring, media filtration, and surface treatment/etching. The catalog contains specifications for all flow, pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, transmitters & controllers, and fittings GF offers. Use the catalog to help select the appropriate sensors, transmitters, and fittings for your system. 

Measurement Solutions


Liquid Analytics


Our  liquid analysis sensors offer a comprehensive package of accuracy, versatility, durability, and technological innovation. We are a trusted choice for industries with harsh working conditions where precise liquid analysis is paramount.

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Electronic Flow Measurement

The electronic flow meters combine technically sophisticated measurement technology that offers impressive versatility and minimum maintenance. In addition, versatile and easy-to-install sensors with no moving parts. 


trasmitters and controllers

Mechanical Flow Measurement

The mechanical flow portfolio offers highly repeatable, rugged sensors that offer exceptional value with little or no maintenance.


temperature and pressure

Temperature and Pressure

GF Temperature and Pressure  sensors have one-piece injection molded PVDF bodies ideal for corrosive liquids to save time and cost. The ceramic diaphragm for the Pressure sensors increase the durability and robustness.

trasmitters and controllers

Transmitters & Controllers

Our control products are simple to operate, have intuitive menu structures, and can be customized with modulues. All our measurement parameters can be connected with the same transmitter, a true multi-parameter controller. 

continuous level control

Level detection and control

GF level sensors provide accurate level information through analog or digital signals to ensure easy interfacing with programmable logic controllers (PLC). For continuous tank level detection, GF offers a variety of measurement technologies. Depending on application requirements and characteristics of the process liquid, either a non-contact or contact device can be utilized. Point level switches can be used to directly control filling and empting process. 

Support during each Project Phase

We have additional resources and services ready to support you during each project phase, from idea to execution.

Planning Fundamentals Downloads

Planning Fundamentals Industry

Our engineering manuals contain detailed information on materials, dimensioning, application techniques, approvals, and standards and provide access to a storehouse of additional knowledge. You can find everything you need about your existing or planned piping installations.


Online tools

Online Tools

GF Piping Systems' diverse online tools facilitate configuration and calculation for almost all your applications. By entering material and product selection as well as design and dimensions, you can calculate the decisive factors for your application easily and quickly - from drinking water installation to the safe transport of chemical substances.

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Virtual. At any time. Everywhere - knowledge transfer with experts. During the webinars, our experts discuss current topics and give answers to your questions on air. Check here for the latest webinars.


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Tech Tips

The GF Tech-Tips can reference feature, installation, safety, maintenance, or application tips for general and complex situations. The goal is to provide technical tips that may not be found in user manuals or data sheets or strictly to promote awareness of specific features and functionality. Get here access to technical articles on various GF products and applications.


What are the reasons and possible mitigations for early wear and tear of the valve used in water treatment applications?

Early wear and tear of valves can occur for various reasons. Proper handling and regular valve maintenance are essential for maximum service life.  Plastic valves in water treatment applications can experience early wear due to chemical exposure, high pressure, and abrasion from particulates. Chemical corrosion weakens the material, while pressure fluctuations stress the valve. Particles in the water can abrade surfaces, exacerbating wear.  Valve material selection is essential to mitigate this. Implementing pressure regulation systems and filters can reduce stress and particle ingress. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication, helps extend valve lifespan. Additionally, alternative valve designs or coatings may offer increased durability in harsh operating conditions. It is also essential to execute a proper installation. The valve must be installed in the piping system so that the system does not apply any additional stress on the valve, which can hurt the valve operation. Our Planning Fundamentals have a detailed guide for correct dimensioning and valve installations based on operating conditions on page 21 to 24 in our edition "Valves and Actuators". In addition, GF Piping Systems is offering online free-of-charge tools like the “Flange Connection Tool”, “Chemical Resistance Tool” and “Valve Dimensioning Tool” to help with the right choice.

What are popular technologies in flow measurement?

  • Velocity-based flow measurement technologies
    All of the flow sensors produced by GF belong to the broad category of velocity-based flow measurement  devices. This vast offering includes paddlewheel, electromagnetic, in-line rotor, and turbine flow sensors. Principles of operation vary considerably for each type, but some very important installation considerations are standard throughout.
  • Fully Developed Turbulent Flow
    Velocity-based flow sensors depend on fully developed turbulent flow for accurate and repeatable measurements. Fully developed turbulent flow occurs in Newtonian fluids with a Reynolds Number (Re) greater than 4,500. Low flow rates, viscous liquids, and large pipe sizes make fully developed turbulent flow more difficult to achieve. The opposite is also true. That is, for a given set of conditions, simply reducing the pipe size to increase the local flowvelocity will produce a higher Reynolds Number.
  • Electromagnetic flow sensors
    Electromagnetic flow sensors, like types 2551 and 2552, operate on Faraday’s principle of electromagnetic induction, and have no moving parts. As fluid (must be conductive >20 μS) moves through the magnetic field produced at the sensor tip, a voltage occurs that is directly proportional to the fluid velocity. Internal electronics then convert this voltage into a frequency and/or a 4 to 20 mA output. GF electromagnetic flow sensors are insertion-style, suitable for use in a wide range of pipe sizes.
  • Paddlewheel flow sensors
    Paddlewheel flow sensors are insertion devices mounted perpendicular to the piping system and rely upon the energy in the flow stream to spin a rotor (paddlewheel) around a stationary shaft. Most paddlewheel flow sensors utilize rotors with magnets embedded in each blade.
    The magnets are typically used either in conjunction with a coil internal to the sensor housing to produce a sinusoidal output (self-generating, non-powered sensors), or to trigger an internal electronic switch to produce a square-wave output (transistor-type, powered sensors). Either way, the resulting frequency is directly proportional to the fluid velocity.

    In our Planning Fundamentals, we have a general selection guideline to help the user choose the appropriate sensor type to obtain optimal flow measurement results.

    Read more on page 139 to 141 of "Valves and Actuators".

What are the trends in digital communication technologies?

Digital communication in process plants becomes increasingly important due to automation trends around digitalization and Industry 4.0 which can't be supported by traditional 4-20mA analogue technology.
In the past decades, different standard organizations specified several digital communication technologies. End customers in the process industries can freely choose the technology that best fits their needs. Digital communication technologies open up the potential for the highest plant efficiency.
There is no need for expensive I/O cards and extensive device wiring, as only one cable goes from the PLC to the field level. Flexible topology concepts support the individual needs of a process plant.
Smart field instruments share their valuable data to enable continuous process improvement. The field of potential improvements ranges from diagnostic insights to simplified troubleshooting to extensive trend monitoring to optimize processes or avoid unplanned plant shutdowns.
Wireless communications between field devices and mobile applications complete the picture of a highly efficient process plant by providing a simple possibility to connect to a device for live device data or parameterization.

Industrial Ethernet technology with protocols like PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP is best suited to fully support the trends around digitalization, as Ethernet technology is already the standard communication technology on the upper layers of the automation pyramid. By bringing Ethernet down to the field level, systems have seamless data access to a single sensor or actuator with fewer hardware components and without protocol conversion. Global  market studies show that the share of Industrial Ethernet compared to traditional field level technologies increased a lot and further will increase in future. GF Piping Systems supports the most critical digital communication technologies in the process automation portfolio for both sensors and actuators. 

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