Find the right fitting for your sensor

The quality of a process automation system is dependent on its sensors and sensor installation. If you use the appropriate fitting, the installation is much easier. This tool facilitates finding the right fitting that brings the sensor into your system, considering the material, standard and dimension of your piping system.

We offer a great variety of different sensors, such as flow, pH, ORP, pressure or temperature sensors and the appropriate installation fittings. This simple Sensor/Fitting-Finder Tool helps you to find the right pipe installation for your sensor from GF Piping Systems. The Sensor/Fitting-Finder Tool helps you with our standard solutions. To do this, please select:

  • the sensor type
  • the standard you are working with
  • the dimension
  • the used material in the piping system

As a result, you will see on the left side the range of possible sensors and on the right side the compatible installation fittings, both clustered by type. Within each type, there are different versions. Select your preferred version. By clicking on the part number, you will be forwarded to the product page.

Depending on your needs, you can change the selected parameters in order to have various constellations. The tool updates the results automatically. To start the selection from the beginning and delete all previous values, press the reset button.

If your requested match is not shown in the selection of the Sensor/Fitting-Finder Tool, please feel free to contact your local GF Piping Systems sales office. We have a wide range of options which are sure to fit your requirements.


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