Specialized collaboration: working as one - your digital assistant

A platform developed to bridge the digital gap between the design and operation phases of any construction project, be it industrial, marine, water & gas distribution lines, etc.

Digitize your construction documentation

Manage your certificates centrally

Share information among the team

Export your data when and how you need it

CONNECT Conrivo is a powerful tool for owners and project managers to see what is happening on their project. It facilitates planning field works, organizing site works and above all helps reduce the amount of paper. It also helps installers to avoid mistakes and to capture all installation data in the field digitally with the help of their smartphone and send it back in real-time to their project manager. Project owners and/or operators can receive the information in the desired format, implement it in their data processing systems, or enjoy easy access to it on our platform with just one click.

The power of modularity: Create your digital asset library

Mix and match the modules to suit your project: As construction projects continue to grow larger and more complex, it is more important than ever to implement efficient data collection processes, and ensure all the information is secured and accessible when needed.

Access your data when you need it

Your data is available, whenever it really matters. In case of emergency or audits, access your data within seconds. The compilation of all information stored in CONNECT Conrivo is always safely stored and ready to be displayed in the cloud. Create your own digital pipebook in a matter of few clicks.

Share your data

Link your leading system and database to CONNECT Conrivo through fully automated APIs. Take over information about construction sites, job data etc., and fill them with detailed data from your installed products.

Share your work
Share your work

Allows colleagues to share information about tasks done by the rest of the team, especially relevant when different teams work on the same project and need to have the information or collaborate on the information collected from a specific asset.

Know where assets are

The  GPS  feature  of  CONNECT  Conrivo  increases  your  asset  safety. Your teams always know, right down to the centimeter, where all piping components are - in the x,y, and z dimensions with an acquisition time of just seconds.  

Trace all products

Each product can be easily and reliably traced using a variety of   possible   identifiers   and   combinations,   including,   for   example,   European   Article   Numbers   (EAN),   traceability   barcodes, article numbers, and customized labeling. 

Ensure quality

Quality Check module for Project Managers: Consist in a digital checklist that is set up by the project manager to ensure proper installation. Verify the work done by the installers, enabling real-time interaction among both parts (installer & quality manager).

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