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Construction excellence thanks to Engineering and Prefabrication

Discover how GF Piping Systems supports Microelectronics, Marine, Water Treatment, and Data Center major market players in their complex projects and how you could benefit from that expertise and infrastructure available worldwide.

With the help of our customizing teams, we develop the precise solution that suits you best. GF Piping Systems delivers the creative solution for your challenge, from the first briefing via design, manufacture and testing, up to delivery. Based on a customer’s specific needs, we can customize parts from the product library to ideally suit an application.
Helping speed up site work activities by prefabricating systems and standard products, including complete modules and installation sections offsite and delivering them directly to the place of use. With prefabrication workshops situated around the globe, customers not only save costs and time, but also increase their system reliability with proven and certified GF Piping Systems quality.


Custom product design and prototyping
Off-site prefabrication and delivery to site
Excellent quality along the entire value-added chain

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