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The water treatment market is faced with several critical issues with increasing urbanization and global warming, resulting in one of the biggest concerns, namely water scarcity. Industrial companies are producing more polluted wastewater, creating challenges for water technology in many different industries. Growing stringent safety and sustainability regulations on chemical handling ensure increased environmental and human health standards thanks to greater control in chemical reuse, reclaim, and recycling. Process Automation has an integral role in the growing need for water conservation. At GF Piping Systems, we offer deep application knowledge of the entire water and chemical cycle. We futureproof your entire piping system with intelligent integration, gain insight and efficiencies effortlessly across the entire install.

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We offer the full package with our products and solutions, providing a top-quality installation, a highly skilled team of experts standing by our customers‘ side every step of the way worldwide, and digitalized services ensuring a project is at the forefront of the market.


Process Automation has an integral role within the growing need for water conservation. The process automation control loop for plastic piping systems simplifies the design, planning, and installation of multiple industrial water treatment applications.

We make Process Automation easy


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