PROGEF Natural

Ensuring the highest purity: PROGEF Natural combines the advantages of the PROGEF piping system made of weldable polypropylene with the purity requirements of the chemical and life sciences sectors.

Wherever purity is required, such as applications in the chemical or life sciences industries, PROGEF Natural is the obvious choice. The transparent, unpigmented polypropylene combines beneficial characteristics such as a clean, smooth surface and excellent chemical and temperature resistance up to 80°C, which, in conjunction with bead and crevice- free jointing, ensures the highest system quality. 

High performance

PROGEF Natural is suitable for the supply of DI water and critical fluids that are chemically sterilized in the life sciences and biotechnology sectors.

Reliable quality

The bead and crevice-free jointing technology, alongside minimal metallic leach-out values, guarantee the highest quality for processes that demand reliable purity.

Outstanding robustness

The exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance makes PROGEF Natural ideal for the transport of slurries (wastewater with particulate content) in the microelectronics industry.


PROGEF Natural is embossed with a permanent identification code during the production process, ensuring optimal traceability.

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