CO2 Calculator

Plastic pipes: The CO2 calculator analyses the contribution to climate protection.

Climate protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions are high on everyone’s agenda. This CO2 calculator enables you to show your customers the contribution that plastic pipes can make to a cleaner world.

  • First, select the materials that you wish to compare – one plastic and one metal.
  • Next, enter the desired pipe length for at least one pipe diameter – in meters or feet.
  • The CO2 calculator will then show you the emissions (in kilograms of CO2 equivalents) for plastic and metal pipes. The calculator also automatically calculates total savings and indicates the equivalent number of kilometers if driven by car.

The CO2 calculator is based on the results of the “Ökobilanz von Rohren” (Lifecycle Assessment of Pipes) study carried out in 2008 by ESU-services GmbH, based in Uster, Switzerland, on behalf of GF Piping Systems. The production of raw materials (plastics, metals) and pipes, transport and disposal as well as recycling after the pipes have been used have all taken into account, but the installation and use of the pipes are not included.

Ecoinvent (, the world’s leading eco-inventory database, provided the most important underlying data for the study. The pipe dimensions used are taken from the applicable standards and planning data.


Bernd Kleinbölting

Head of Digital Experience Projects

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